To get the fastest response, please contact the Switcher Studio Support team by using the messaging tool on the launch screen of the Switcher Studio app or the online Dashboard. While we don't provide live chat, the messaging tool will provide an estimated response time. Using the messaging tool also makes it easier for the Support team to have access to your account information.

When the customer support team responds, you'll see the reply in the messaging tool in both the Switcher app and Dashboard, and you'll receive a copy via email. You can reply using either the messaging tool or email.

In-App Messaging Tool

  1. Log into the Switcher Studio app.

  2. Tap the question mark icon in the lower right.

  3. Tap New Conversation and type your message.

Note: In-App messaging is not real-time chat support.

Dashboard Messaging Tool

  1. Log into the Switcher Studio online Dashboard using the same credentials as the mobile app.

  2. Tap the chat bubble icon in the lower right.

  3. Tap Send us a New Message and type your message.

Note: Dashboard messaging is not real-time chat support. It functions like email.


If you're unable to log into the app or the Dashboard, you can email [email protected] directly through your email client. We kindly ask that you refrain from emailing multiple times with the same question. We reply to messages from oldest to newest, so sending another email before we've replied to the first one will move your message down in the queue, and we want to be sure we get to your questions asap.

Please also message us from the email account tied to your Switcher Studio account, so that we can confirm you are the account owner.

Although it's possible to comment or send a direct message to Switcher Studio using Facebook or Twitter, we advise against it. For the fastest response, please use one of the messaging tools listed above or email [email protected].

The Facebook Group is a community of users interested in sharing videos and tips for using Switcher Studio. It is not an avenue for reaching the Support team. It is also against the Facebook Group rules to send a direct message to a Switcher Studio employee.

No phone support

We do not currently offer phone support, but we promise our Support team is eager to help answer your questions through the app / Dashboard messaging tool or email.

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