When a remote camera loses its connection, it will disappear from the main Switcher interface. Remote cameras can lose their connection due to:

  • Low-quality Wi-Fi
  • An incoming phone call (we recommend using Apple's Do Not Disturb mode during your production to avoid this issue)
  • A low or dead battery
  • Not enough storage

You can quickly reconnect a device, without interrupting the live stream and while maintaining a recording: To reconnect the device:

  1. Completely close the Switcher Studio app on the device that lost its connection.
  2. Re-launch the app, and tap Remote Camera Mode.
  3. Open the Inputs tab on your main switching device.
  4. Tap the device to re-synchronize and add it to your production.

If you have the option Record On All Cameras enabled, a new video clip will begin once the camera is re-synced.

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