Although the only requirements for using Switcher Studio are iOS devices and a reliable internet network, livestreaming a church service can benefit from additional equipment. Tripods and mounts will stabilize your video, while microphones and an audio mixer will help ensure your online audience can clearly hear everything. 


To use your iOS device with a tripod, you need both the tripod itself and a ¼-20 (“quarter twenty”) tripod mount.

At Switcher Studio, we use and fully endorse all of the tripod options from iOgrapher. We also highly recommend their Multi Case, which has a built-in ¼-20 mount. 

Besides the iOgrapher options, our other favorite portable tripods include:


For a church service, we recommend using something besides the built-in microphones on iOS devices. Wireless handheld and lav microphones are two of the most common options. We’re big fans of Saramonic microphones and recommend the following:

Audio mixers

If you use external microphones, you’ll also need an audio mixer. Using a mixer will also make it easier to inject music into your stream. Any basic mixer will work with Switcher Studio, but one of our favorites is the Zoom H6 6-channel mixer/recorder. You may also want to purchase the Lightning to USB3 camera adapter, which connects the mixer to your iOS devices.

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