Switcher Studio has a built-in Private Test Stream feature that lets you monitor your broadcast setup before going live. In order to use the test feature, you must have already connected a Facebook account to Switcher Studio. The test broadcasts a private stream to your personal timeline that is only visible to you and can be deleted at any time. To use Private Test Stream:

  1. Open Switcher Studio in your main switching device, and tap Use as Switcher.
  2. Tap the Outputs tab.
  3. Tap Facebook.
  4. Tap the gear icon.
  5. Tap Choose New Destination.
  6. Tap My timeline.
  7. Tap Private test stream.
  8. Select a stream quality.
  9. Tap Create Livestream.
  10. To go live, tap the big red button in the top right corner of the screen.
  11. After you’ve ended the stream, you can view it on your Facebook timeline.
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