Switcher Studio is live video production software that lets you record and livestream high-quality video using iPhones and iPads as your cameras. You can wirelessly connect up to nine iOS devices for a single video production. 

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Switcher Studio iOS App

Installing the iOS app on your devices

The first step to using Switcher Studio is installing the iOS app on all the devices you plan to use for your video production.

  1. From each of your devices, go to the App Store here (or search for Switcher Studio): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/switcher-studio/id908386221

  2. Tap Get to download the app.

Using the iOS app on multiple devices

If you plan to use multiple iOS devices for your production, you’ll designate one device as the primary switching device (i.e. the switcher) and any other devices as a remote camera.

You’ll use the switcher device to control your video production. You can pre-load the switcher device with graphics, prerecorded video, and other media assets to use during your production. You’ll also use the switcher device to set up your stream.

Switcher Studio Dashboard

The Switcher Studio Dashboard is an online tool where you can manage your account, link your Switcher Studio account to streaming platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and use features like Custom RTMP and Switcher Cloud. Some customers prefer to use the Dashboard for scheduling streams and linking their accounts, since you can use a computer to do it.

Accessing the Dashboard

You can access the Dashboard by:

Logging into the Dashboard

The email address and password for the Dashboard are the same as what you use to log into the iOS app.

Switcher Studio Account

New Switcher users receive a free 14-day trial to experiment with the software. Using Switcher Studio after the trial expires requires upgrading to a paid plan.

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