Switcher Cloud provides online storage that allows users to upload images and videos to more easily access as assets in Switcher productions. Think of it as similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, but it's specifically for your Switcher Studio account. 

There are two primary functions to using Switcher Cloud:

  1. Uploading assets to Switcher Cloud

  2. Inserting Switcher Cloud assets into the Switcher Studio app to use in your broadcast

This article walks through the following:

Uploading Assets to Switcher Cloud

There are two ways to upload assets to Switcher Cloud:

  1. Using the online Switcher Studio Dashboard

  2. Directly from the Switcher Studio mobile app

Uploading assets using the Switcher Studio Dashboard

Many people find it easier to add assets to Switcher Cloud using a computer. This is especially useful if your assets aren't already stored in Switcher Studio, and if you want to upload multiple files as a batch.

Note: Assets must be smaller than 100MB when you're uploading them through the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

Step 1: Go to the Switcher Cloud Upload screen in your Dashboard

Step 2: Select the files you want to upload.

  • Drag and drop files into the box, or click in the box to select a file or multiple files.

  • If you click to select files, you'll need to click Open after selecting the file(s) you want to upload.

Step 3: Select the Image Type or the video settings for each file

If you are uploading a graphic file, Switcher will attempt to identify the image type for you, but be sure to check each one:

  • If you are uploading a full-screen image, select Photo.

  • If you are uploading a file with transparency, select Image as lower third.

If you are uploading a .mov or .mp4 file, you will not need to select an Image Type. Instead you will have the following options:

  • Select a thumbnail: Use the scroll bar to move through the video file for your thumbnail selection.

  • Enable Audio: Check the box if you want the audio from the video asset to play during your production.

  • End on Black: Check the box if you want the video to end on a black screen when you play it during your production. If you leave the box unchecked, your asset will end on the last image of the video.

Step 4: Upload the file(s)

  • After designating the Image Type or selecting the video options for each file, click the orange Upload button.

You'll be redirected to the main Switcher Cloud page where your recently added file(s) will appear. The assets will appear as the Switcher logo until they are fully processed.

Uploading assets to Switcher Cloud from the Switcher Studio mobile app

If you already have assets in your Switcher Studio app, you can easily add them to Switcher Cloud directly from the app. 

  1. Open Switcher Studio on your main switching device, and tap Use as Switcher.

  2. From the Sources / Production panel, tap Select below your camera views and assets.

  3. Select the asset(s) you want to add to Switcher Cloud.

  4. Tap the cloud upload icon at the bottom of the screen.

  5. You'll receive a message that shows the progress and confirmation once your assets have been added to Switcher Cloud.

  6. Tap the blue X in the top right corner to exit the confirmation screen.

Inserting Switcher Cloud assets into the Switcher Studio app

One of the main benefits of Switcher Cloud is that you can more easily insert assets into the Switcher Studio app on any iOS device, as follows:

  1. Open Switcher Studio on your main switching device, and tap Use as Switcher.

  2. Tap the blue "+" button, located at the bottom of the Sources / Production panel. 

  3. Tap the asset type you want to import - Photo, Logo, etc.

  4. Tap Switcher Cloud.

  5. Make any adjustments in the asset property window.

  6. Tap Done in the top right.

  7. Your asset will be in the Sources / Production panel.

Note: If you import assets by selecting Switcher Cloud in step 3, instead of the asset type, you may lose the transparency if the file is a .png. You must import a .png file as a Logo to maintain the transparency.

Switcher Cloud Storage Limits

The number of assets you can store in Switcher Cloud is 250. You can see how many assets you're currently storing and how many are available by logging into your Switcher Studio online Dashboard and going to the Switcher Cloud tab.

As a reminder, you can create and store an unlimited number of assets in the Switcher Studio mobile app. There is only a limit on assets stores in Switcher Cloud.

Note: Only the individually uploaded images count toward your asset limit.

Deleting Assets from Switcher Cloud

If you need to delete an asset to free up storage or if you no longer need it, you can delete it from Switcher Cloud using the Switcher Studio online Dashboard as follows:

  1. Log into the Switcher Studio Dashboard here: https://dashboard.switcherstudio.com/cloud

  2. Change the drop down from Artwork to All.

  3. Click the Select button.

  4. Check the files you want to delete. You may see multiple files that look similar. This is because Switcher Studio stores the raw file that you uploaded and the asset itself, which preserves things like on-screen location. Please be sure to select the raw file and any associated asset files you want to delete.

  5. Click the Delete button.

Note: Although it's technically possible to delete an asset from Switcher Cloud through the app, we recommend always using the Dashboard. Using the app does not ensure all associated files are removed from Switcher Cloud.

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