Adding background music is something very desirable to many Switcher Studio users. While there is not a way to add a music track (like .wav or .mp3), there is a way to make sure that background music can be heard in your Switcher Studio productions.

Creating a video file with your music

To get started, open a video editing program. Import the audio track that you wish to use as background music. This is easiest to do on a computer while using a program like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Sony Vegas Pro. In lieu of a computer, apps like the iMovie app will also work.

Save the track as a video file in .mp4 or .mov format. The video will play your audio track with a black background.

Import this into Switcher Studio using this method.

Arranging your music in Switcher Studio

Open the Switcher Studio app, and tap the blue "+" button to open the Assets menu.

Scroll down, and select 


Select Split Screen.

Drag the Separator Direction knob so that "A" is directly level with "B".

Drag the Separator Position lever down so that only "A" is visible.

Tap "Done" in the top-right corner.

Your multi-view will be displayed in the Sources Window.

Using your background music

When you are live and ready to use your background music, tap on the yellow multi-view effect that you made.

Tap on your camera source to mark it as "A", and tap on your imported background music video to mark it as "B".

No one will see "B", but they will still hear it, so this background music will play while your subject speaks.

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