Audio Monitoring allows you to use headphones to listen to the audio captured by the device running Switcher Studio. By default Audio Monitoring is disabled unless you plug in a headset. We recommend keeping Audio Monitoring disabled, and only enabling it briefly to check audio levels before your stream. Here's how to turn Audio Monitoring off and on:

  1. Open the Switcher Studio mobile app on your main switcher device.
  2. Tap the Audio Tab (sound wave icon).
  3. Tap the button next to Audio Monitoring to toggle it on or off. When its enabled, the toggle bar is blue and the button is on the right. When it's disabled, the toggle bar is clear and the button is on the left.

Note: When using Audio Monitoring the live input may sound like an echo. This is normal, due to the built-in latency in Switcher Studio. Because of the latency, there is a delay between what you hear happening around you and the audio coming through your headset. There will not be an echo present in your livestream or recording.

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