Your main switching device is your audio source for your Switcher Studio productions. This device gets the audio from its built-in microphone or from an external device (microphone, audio mixer, etc.) that becomes connected to either the headphone jack or the lightning port.

To use the headphone jack as an input, you need an special adapter with a TRRS jack. For XLR microphones, use the iRig Pre or equivalent. For all else, a TRS-to-TRRS adapter will work wonders. The headphone jack has a single input which means that audio coming from this jack is mono.

The lightning port also allows you to connect an audio input device and record audio in stereo. Thanks to Apple's Lightning-to-USB3 Camera Adapter, you can connect any standard USB audio capture device working in 16-bit stereo mode as the Behringer UCA202 or the Zoom H6.


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