What images can I insert?

Switcher Studio supports the insertion of graphic elements of several types including JPEG, PNG, and GIF. PNGs or GIFs that include transparency are supported in Switcher Studio and can be used to create lower-third graphics, corner bugs, and other graphic effects. Graphic animation is not currently supported.

Can I use animated .gifs or video?

Animation is not supported in Switcher Studio. However, video insertion works just like image insertion. Save your animated GIFs into an .mp4 format (services like Giphy.com provide this option), and then you can import them for use in your broadcasts.

What transitions and effects are available?

Switcher Studio includes the following clip transitions: Cut, Crossfade, Wipe, Cube, and Twist. There are a number of Multi-view effects such as Flap, Dashboard, Split, Picture in Picture. These are covered in greater detail in the following Knowledge Base article: Using Multi-View Effects.

How do I manage lower-thirds? Can I edit text?

Graphic elements are created outside of the Switcher Studio application. Prepare graphics in advance in full-screen format at 1280x720 pixels. You can also create images in .PNG format and include transparency. Pixlris a great free tool for creating custom graphics.

What if I need to edit or change a graphic?

When multiple devices are connected to the same iCloud account, you can enable iCloud Photo Sharing. When you add a graphic to one of the devices, all other devices will update with the added image. This is one way to add graphic elements on the fly using Switcher Studio.

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