How do I manage audio? Can I select Audio from other sources?

The audio for your production comes from your main mixing device. You can connect an auxiliary audio source to this device to serve as your main input. You can also enable “Record On All Cameras” to have audio and video from each individual camera source to use in post-production editing.

Can I charge my iPad and use the digital audio interface at the same time?

Using a digital interface means your lightning port is taken. Accessories like this one from IK Multimedia are very helpful: Power Bridge.

Does Switcher work for Windows/Android?

Currently, Switcher Studio is only available for iOS devices. The screensharing software, Switcher Cast, is available for macOS and PC.

Can I use the video mixer on my computer?

The Switcher Studio application is only available for iOS. There may be a desktop application developed in the future.

Can I use my own encoder?

Switcher Studio can output video and audio from the Live pane via a connected HDMI cable or via AirPlay. You can connect these outputs to your own encoder if you simply want to use the video switching functions and not the live video streaming.

Can I control what is sent out when using HDMI out?

In the Outputs tab, you can select what will be shown on an External Display. The two options are Live: this will display only the video and audio that is coming through the “Live” pane at the top right; or you can select Whole Screen: this will send out the entire Switcher UI including all Camera Sources and Preview pane. The second option would be use for a production where a producer or director needed to see the interface to call out camera cues or direct.

How does screen-sharing work?

Download Switcher Cast to your computer. Launch the desktop application and the app will gather any connected displays or webcams to make them available as a source in Switcher Studio. Just add a source form your computer via the inputs tab in the iOS interface.

What happens if a camera gets out of range or a battery dies?

Auxiliary cameras will drop out of the main Switcher interface if the battery dies or it otherwise loses its network connection. You can quickly reconnect a lost camera using Camera Recovery. We recommend that you attach auxiliary batteries for long-form programs. You can also expand your network for greater coverage to avoid dropouts.

Do I have to pay for each camera source?

Any device with the Switcher Studio app installed can be a camera at no additional fee. A license of Switcher Studio gives a user access to the online dashboard and the ability to log into the app to use it as the switcher.

Can I monitor audio levels & quality?

Tap the Audio navigation link in the bottom right of the app interface to view a level meter for your audio. You can also monitor audio when using an auxiliary audio source. Plug in a headphone to the headphone jack of your interface to listen to audio feed. Note: plugging headphones directly into the iPad will cause the app to bypass the built-in microphone and may cause a complete audio drop out if there is no microphone connected to your input.

How do I copy files to my computer?

How do I copy video from my iOS device to my computer?

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