How does live streaming work? How do I manage channels?

There are several video streaming platforms in existence today (Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, Bambuser, Twitch, etc.). Most providers use a communication protocol called RTMP. To send a live video to these providers, you need to create an account and obtain a Stream URL as well as a Stream Key/ID. These are typically unique values that identify your account and your specific video upload streams.

To set up a stream with Switcher Studio, log into your Switcher account and open the Channel Settings menu. From here, create a new channel then copy and paste your unique RTMP values into the appropriate fields using your online dashboard channel management system.

When you open Switcher Studio, you can sync your online dashboard by opening the Outputs tab, tapping the blue “info” icon next to “Streaming Video Platform”, and swiping down.

Can I use 4G LTE to stream?

This is possible, but results may vary when using an Internet connection from a cellular/mobile service.

Any special network requirements?

Advanced Network Settings And Requirements

How far can I go between devices?

The maximum distance between devices is really a question of how much coverage your WiFi network has. The network will determine how far you can travel. We recommend using dedicated networking gear with directional antennas for situations that require you to spread out over a large distance.

Do I need additional hardware?

Aside from an iOS device, all that is needed is a wireless network router. We would recommend using Apple's Airport Extreme or Airport Express to get started.

How long can I stream for? Will my iPad get hot?

The recording time is limited by your battery life and available storage. Generally, 1 hour of video translates to about 1GB on your device for 720p recording and 2.5GB for 1080p recoding.

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