What is the video quality?

Video quality is set using the Outputs tab. you can set the resolution as high as 720p. The recording bitrate can be set as high as 2000kbps. When record on all Cameras is activated, some devices can record as high as 1080p.

Does the app record when I am streaming?

By default, the app will record when streaming is taking place. If for some reason, the stream is interrupted, the app will display a message and give you the option to continue recording or abandon the current broadcast to try to stream again.

Can I manage FPS?

Adjusting fps settings may be required depending on your streaming video provider. Email [email protected] if your streaming provider requires a specific fps setting.

What file format are recordings saved in?

Video clips are saved in the .MOV file format with AAC audio.

Can I edit videos afterward?

You can send your video directly to iMovie on your iPad by opening the Recorded Media menu and selecting “Open In”. Otherwise, you can place the live video output in a non-linear editor like Final Cut or Premiere Pro to extract excerpts. If you want to re-edit the entire production, enable Record on all Cameras before you begin filming to capture ISO recordings from each camera angle.

When I move recordings to the camera roll does it make a copy of the video?

When you record a video using Switcher, the video is saved in the “Recorded Media” directory within the app. You can copy it to your Camera Roll to export the video using “Image Capture on your Mac. To save space on your iOS device, remember to delete videos that you have already transferred from your device. Otherwise, you may run out of room during your next production. Check out this Knowledge Base article for more detailed information: How do I copy video from my iOS device to my computer?

Can I put videos on my site?

The videos you create with Switcher Studio are managed by your Content Distribution Network. You own all content that you create using Switcher Studio. Select a streaming video video platform that supports RTMP to stream your video directly, or you can just record and upload later.

How big of a delay is there?

There is a signal delay of around 200ms (roughly 6 frames at 30fps). This latency is a short buffer to allow the app to synchronize video and audio as well as process the sources for optimal video output. When monitoring audio using headphones, you may notice that audio noticeably lags behind the realtime audio. However, this audio will sync with the video output in the Live pane to provide assurance that the live output had A/V sync.

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