How do devices communicate with one another?

Each device must be connected to the same WiFi network. Switcher Studio will use the local area network and the WiFi signal to send video from each auxiliary camera to the main switching device.

Are cameras in sync? Does audio and video match up?

Each camera is frame locked. When you switch between sources, they are temporally and sonically consistent. The Audio input on the main switching device serves as the audio source for the live output. This audio is synchronized with the video being displayed in the Live pane.

Can I use other wireless cameras like GoPro or Panasonic?

Currently, only iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) can be used as cameras. You can also bring in your computer screen using our Max screensharing software called SwitcherCast.

Can I bring in cameras from other locations?

All cameras need to be on the same Network. We do not recommend using a VPN to spread cameras over multiple locations; however, this would theoretically work, but with inconsistent results.

What type of camera control is available?

The camera control menu is located in the bottom right pane of the Switcher Studio interface. Tap a source in the Cameras menu to cue it up in the Preview menu. You can toggle between Autofocus and Manual-focus. You can also adjust exposure and white balance. You can also enable automatic image stabilization and the tally light on some devices.

Can I cut to a camera source quickly?

To send a source to the live view quickly, just double tap the source in the Cameras menu.

How much storage space do I need? How big are video files?

The video output from Switcher Studio is roughly 2.5GB of video per hour of recording at 1080p mode. When “Record on All Cameras” is activated, each device will need that amount of space to record its own video.

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