Oftentimes, it is desired to embed your YouTube Live stream into your website. This is a process that mainly involves the actual youtube.com website. It will take a few minutes to set up.

To get started, go to youtube.com. Log into your YouTube account if you have not already.

In the top-right corner is an icon that looks like a little video camera. Click on it, and select "Go live".

It will bring up an option to set up a stream. "Webcam" is showing as the default. Don't worry about this; you will still be using Switcher Studio in the end, so just ignore the webcam.

Set up your stream's name and privacy. Then, select "Schedule For Later", and choose a time.

Select the "Upcoming" tab at the top of the window. You will see your new event. Next to the event's name is a menu button (three vertical dots). Tap on the menu button, and select "Share".

You will see a link to your YouTube video. You do not need this. Select "Embed" from the bottom of the new window.

This is the embed code that you need. Copy this and place it into your website's HTML coding. You will now have your YouTube player embedded in your website for when you go live.

Open Switcher Studio on your main iOS device. Log in so that you see the Outputs window. Select the little blue arrow beside "YouTube".

If you have not already signed into your YouTube channel, you will be asked to do this now. After that, you will need to tap on you YouTube channel and then you will see your most recent event. This is not the one you just created. Under Scheduling tap on Go Live Now and change it to Existing Scheduled Post.

You will now see a drop down menu with a list of your events. Select your new event.

Select your stream.

You will now go live to your stream (and to your website!).

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