Streaming to LinkedIn Live is quick and easy with Switcher Studio's built-in integration. Please keep in mind that LinkedIn Live is only available for a limited group of beta members and organizations through LinkedIn. In order for your account to have access to LinkedIn Live streaming, it must be granted beta access from the LinkedIn team. You can request that access HERE.

Creating A LinkedIn Live Broadcast

Tap on the blue "+" sign beside the word Outputs on your main switching device.

You should now see a selection of our direct integrations. Tap on LinkedIn.

You will again see the warning that only a limited number of members and organizations have access to the LinkedIn Live beta program. If your account is one of these, select either "Personal Page" or "Organization Page" to get started.

Log in with your LinkedIn credentials.

Title your broadcast. Select the region that is closest to your current location (or closest to the location where you will be streaming from). Use the Visible To option to select whether your stream is visible to Everyone or to Connections Only (meaning only the people you've added as "friends").

Also, select the stream quality you desire. Remember that a robust Internet connection is needed for HD streaming. When you are done, tap Create Livestream.

  1. You should now see the title of your stream beside the words "LinkedIn Live" in the Outputs tab. Tap on the words "LinkedIn Live" to place a blue checkmark beside the "LinkedIn Live" option.
  1. Tap the red button in the top-right corner to go live. You will be live on your created LinkedIn event.
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