Normally, following the end of a live stream to Facebook, Facebook will show that "the broadcast has been interrupted" for several minutes as it is processing your video for people to rewatch. During that time, if you tap "LIVE+REC" again on your Switcher Studio app, it will cause that new stream to be tacked onto the end of your previous broadcast.

This is a feature put in place by Facebook to help people whose live stream might have dropped unexpectedly. Unfortunately, users who want to start a completely different stream might become frustrated that their streams are now combined into one long video.

Luckily, there is a way to work around Facebook's protocol using Switcher's controls, so that way you will not have to wait several minutes before broadcasting again. After hitting "LIVE+REC" to finish your first stream, Facebook will start processing the video as normal.

To start a completely new stream at this point, click on the arrow next to "Facebook" in the "Outputs" tab to create a new event. This will be the same process you took when setting up your first event, and doing this will force Facebook to create a new stream instead of combining them.

So instead of hitting "LIVE+REC" if you recently finished a stream, tap the Facebook arrow within Switcher Studio, and that will generate a new event, a new stream, and ultimately a new video!

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