Sometimes, you find yourself streaming to the same Timeline, Page, or Group on Facebook over and over again. In cases like these, you should select a Default Destination to speed up the event-creating process.

  1. Log into the Switcher Studio app on your main switching device. Tap on the blue arrow beside the word "Facebook" once you are logged into the app.

  2. Tap "Login To Facebook".

  3. Enter in your Facebook login credentials. Note that these can and may vary from your Switcher Studio login credentials. You will need to use whatever is used to log you in on

  4. Allow Switcher Studio to post publicly. Changing this from "public" can cause many issues, so leave it set to "public". You will be able to customize the visibility of each individual stream.

  5. Allow Switcher Studio to post to Groups.

  6. You'll see a screen to select your default Facebook streaming destination.

  7. Scroll down until you see your desired Timeline, Page, or Group. Tap on it.

  8. This will now be the default screen that you see to expedite the event creation process.

  9. To stream elsewhere, tap on "Choose" at the top of the screen. You can now select from a list of sources to stream to manually!

Keep in mind that to stream to a Group, the Group has to have accepted Switcher Studio as an app already. Check out this guide for help with setting up Group streaming!

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