If you have linked YouTube with Switcher Studio but are having an issue selecting YouTube as the streaming destination, it usually means something did not get setup correctly during the initial linking process. The best way to remedy this is to completely remove the connection between YouTube and Switcher, and then relink them again.

To unlink your YouTube account from Switcher Studio, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Outputs tab in the lower right area of the main device.

  2. Tap the blue "+" icon in the upper right of this area.

  3. Tap Details next to YouTube.

  4. Tap Disconnect Account.

Alternatively, you can disconnect the accounts from a computer:

  1. Navigate to dashboard.switcherstudio.com.

  2. Log in with your email address and password used for your Switcher Studio account.

  3. Click Platforms in the left menu.

  4. Click Details across from YouTube

  5. Click Disconnect Account.

  1. You should see the YouTube logo now in the center of the page. Underneath the logo, click Connect Account.

  2. Enter in the email address and password associated with your YouTube account.

    1. Note: This may not be the same as your Switcher Studio login credentials.

  3. You will get an alert saying that Switcher Studio wants to manage your YouTube account.

  4. Click Allow.

  5. Click on Continue.

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