Please note that there are many security issues associated with linking/unlinking multiple Facebook accounts.

The recommended solution is to use YOUR personal Facebook account with Switcher Studio, and to only link your account once.

If you need to stream to another Facebook Page, please ask the Page's owner for Admin access for your personal account. You can also setup crossposting to stream to both YOUR Page and to the other person’s Page.

If you absolutely must switch to a different user's Facebook account, here is how to do this:

To switch Facebook accounts, you will need to use a computer. Open on your browser. Log out of, and then log into with the account that you want to stream.

Next, log into your Dashboard at If you already have a Facebook account linked to your Switcher account. Unlink the Facebook account. Then, when you go to relink, it will sign you in with the correct account that is active on

Essentially, Switcher Studio will connect to whichever Facebook account is currently signed in on your device.

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