Each Switcher Studio license applies only to a single user or a single business.

When you link Switcher to a social account, it must be your own. Sharing social logins raises serious privacy concerns with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other sites. You may not use another person’s social login credentials with Switcher Studio.

If you need to stream to a Facebook Page that is not yours please ask the Page's owner for Admin access for your personal account. Otherwise, the other party needs their own Switcher Studio account linked to their own social account.

If you accidentally connected the wrong Facebook account to Switcher Studio, it's possible to unlink it and connect to a different account. Essentially, Switcher Studio will connect to whichever Facebook account is currently signed in on your device. You will need to log out of Facebook and then log back in using the new account, then unlink and relink Facebook to Switcher. You will need to use a computer. Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Log out of Facebook from a computer

  • Go to Facebook.com on a browser from a computer.
  • Click the arrow in the top right corner.
  • Click Log Out.

Step 2: Log into Facebook from a computer

  • Go to Facebook.com on a browser from a computer.
  • Click Log In.
  • Enter the email and password for the account you want to stream with.
  • Click Log In.

Step 3: Unlink / relink Facebook from the Switcher Studio Dashboard

  • Log into your Dashboard at https://dashboard.switcherstudio.com/
  • If you already have a Facebook account linked to your Switcher account, unlink it by going to the Streaming Providers page and clicking the Unlink Account button.
  • Then, from the same page, Link to Facebook again. When you go to relink, it will sign you in with the correct account that was most recently active on facebook.com.

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