To start recording 4K video in Switcher Studio you must first understand Director Mode. Check out  this article on Director Mode first.

Now that we have Director Mode enabled, scroll down and tap on “Advanced Settings”.

From this menu, we can change the “Composition Format”.

Now choose the resolution you want the final composition to be. Select 3840 x 2160 (4K) for the 4K recording.

Notice the warning at the bottom, you will need to adjust the WiFi Camera Communications before you begin recording. Do this by following the instructions here.

Also note you will need newer devices that can handle 4K recording. If a device is not capable of recording in 4K it will record the highest possible quality.

Check this by connecting your cameras and tapping the “i” icon in the upper left, this will show you the resolution your device will record in.

Other things to note, 4K files are very large. Make sure you have significant storage on the devices before you begin.

Files will typically be 5.4GB per hour of video for each 4K camera angle.

Below is a video walkthrough of setting up 4K recording.

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