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With Switcher Media Manager, you can send a recorded composition to your computer wirelessly, and open it in Final Cut Pro to make edits to your video. Switcher Media Manager works with Final Cut Pro only. We do not have an integration with Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas at this time.

Note: Footage recorded with Video Chat is not available in Director Mode.

To start using Switcher Media Manager, connect your main mixing device to the same network as your Mac.

Step 1: Launch Switcher Media Manager on your Mac.

Step 2: Launch the Switcher Studio app on your main switcher device. Tap the media bin icon in the upper left.

Step 3: Tap the Journal entry that you want to import.

Step 4: Select the upload icon in the upper right.

Step 5: Select “Send to Computer / FCPX".

Step 6: Choose the computer you want to send the file to, and the transfer will begin.

Step 7: When the transfer finishes, the file will show up in Switcher Media Manager. Select it to reveal all of the tracks.

Step 8: Click "Transfer to FCPX".

Step 9: The files will now be editable in FCPX.

Files can also be directly accessed through the Finder. To access files directly, navigate to your profile in the Finder, go to the "Movies" folder, and find the folder titled "RecoLive Video".

NOTE: Switcher Media Manager only supports a single journal file import at this time. Be sure to clear out files in the "RecoLive Video" folder between sessions and/or imports.

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