Normally in Switcher Studio, in order to change a camera view, you tap the source. While it's an easy process, it can become tedious if you are going back and forth between the same two camera views. Camera Swap is a feature in Switcher Studio that lets you more easily toggle between two views.

Note: Camera Swap requires using the Preview window.

Camera Swap video tutorial

Camera Swap step-by-step instructions

First, you need to open the Preview Window. Do this by tapping on the icon with the four little squares in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Your currently-live source should already be in the Live Window. Tap on your second source to add it to the Preview Window.

Next to the word "Sources" is an icon that has two oppositely-facing arrows. Tap on that to highlight and select Swap Mode.

Now, tap on Preview -> Live. The source from the Preview Window will move to the Live Window as usual, but now the image from the Live Window will swap back to the Preview Window.

Keep tapping on Preview -> Live to quickly toggle back-and-forth between the two sources!

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