Using the Camera Control sliders inside of Switcher Studio, you can adjust both the Exposure and the Shutter Speed for your iOS camera, in the same way that you would for a DSLR camera. These two controls allow you to change how bright or how dark your subjects are during your broadcasts and recordings.

To get to these settings, tap on the camera control tab in the bottom right.

You will see the options are all set to "A" for automatic. Tapping on the "M" will enable the slider to adjust the setting.

Using a finger you can slide the sliders up and down to adjust the settings.

*Note that adjusting the shutter speed (stopwatch slider) too much can cause dropped frames. For most adjustments, you should use the "A+" mode.

The "A+" mode still gives you a large range of brightness without the risk of dropping frames.

If you are using an iPhone with the horizontal interface, the process is similar.

The Camera Control settings icon is in the bottom left next to the assets icon.

Tapping on this icon will bring up a list of the camera controls. Tap on the Exposure and Shutter Speed "M" to adjust these settings.

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