Although it is always best to position your camera(s) in a location where Zooming is not needed, we know that that is not always possible to achieve. You may need to Zoom in on a subject to get a proper close-up, or just to frame the shot better.

Bringing your subject into and out of focus can produce a dynamic shot that makes your broadcast and recording look extremely professional. You can adjust the Depth-Of-Field on a shot using the "Focus" slider.

Adjusting The Zoom

The Zoom slider is enabled by default on the live or preview window.

It is a responsive Zoom meaning the Zoom speed will depend on how you fast you slide up or down on the slider.

You can toggle this slider on and off from the Camera Control Menu.

Adjusting The Depth-Of-Field

To start adjusting the focus and depth of field, tap on the same Camera Control in the lower-right to bring up the camera control menu.

Make sure the camera source you want to adjust is in the live window, or the preview window if it is enabled.

Now, next to Focus tap on the "M" to change the setting from auto to manual. You will see a slider appear on the video. Sliding that will pull the focus in and out.

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