The advanced camera controls inside of Switcher Studio make it super easy to create professional-level quality for your broadcasts and recordings. 

You now have access to adjust the White Balance and Color Balance inside of Switcher Studio, the same way that DSLR cameras are able to do!

To adjust the camera control settings, start by tapping on the "Camera Control" icon in the lower right. Make sure that the camera you want to adjust is in the Live window or Preview window if you have it enabled.

You will now see options to adjust the camera controls, including White Balance.

By tapping on the "M" next to white balance you will change the mode from "Auto" to "Manual" giving you two sliders on the screen to adjust the color temperature and tone. Sliding these up and down will adjust the color of the video.

If you are used to the more traditional white balance by showing the camera what white is, you can use the "Gray Card" option. Tapping on this, while pointing the camera at a gray color will balance all the cameras and have them be close to each other in color and tone.

Once you have made the edits, you can tap on the lock icon to hold the settings as they are and not adjust them anymore.

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