**Our integrated Video Chat feature is available for the Professional Plan ONLY. If you are on a Personal Plan or a Legacy Plan, the following method will work for you.**

When your co-host or interviewee is in the same room as you, it is easy to set up a live interview session. One camera is on one person, and the second camera is on the other person.

But what happens when that person is not in the same room as you? Or the same city? Or the same country?

Luckily, you can use video calling applications like Skype to accomplish a remote video chat while live with Switcher Studio!

To do a remote interview from a different location, you will need to use an additional iPad or iPhone, along with our iOS screensharing feature. Here is a guide that will help you to set up iPhone screensharing: https://switcherstudio-support.switcherstudio.com/article/121-cast-an-ios-screen-to-switcher-studio-ios-screensharing.

Install the Skype app onto the iPhone that you will be screensharing from, and call your guest on Skype with that iPhone with Skype's video conferencing feature. You can then use our splitscreen features like Dashboard and Slots to place both your host and your guest on the screen at the same time, as needed: https://switcherstudio-support.switcherstudio.com/article/103-using-multi-view-effects.

You will need to run a cable from your Skype device into an audio mixer so that you hear the guest's audio. Connect your host's microphone into the audio mixer as well so that you hear the host's audio. Then, connect your mixer to your main switching device like so: https://switcherstudio-support.switcherstudio.com/article/11-how-do-i-use-an-audio-mixer.

*** We actually went over this setup in a recent #StreamSquad episode. It is easier than it may sound. Start watching at the 35-minute-mark, and you will see how to set up this exact method: https://www.facebook.com/switcherstudio/videos/223592754986906/. ***

Remember: We are mentioning Skype because it is the most common video conferencing app, but any video conferencing app will do. We have seen many users with Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger as their tool of choice for remote interviews.

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