By default, Switcher Studio will begin by using the rear-facing camera on the main switching device. This ensures that you will always have at least one camera angle available. However, you can connect additional cameras for increased angles while Live.

In the past, you could only connect up to four cameras at a time using Switcher Studio. However, as of June 2017, you can now connect up to nine cameras.

PLEASE REMEMBER that for each additional camera you connect, you use up more bandwidth on your wireless network. Only the most optimized networks (or those using wired setups instead of wireless setups) are capable of handling nine cameras while streaming your production.

We strongly recommend testing your camera connection with a test stream to your platform before going live for your official production. This will let you see exactly how many cameras that your personal network can tolerate.

Also note that with Director Mode enabled, you can disable the built-in camera on the main switching device, and in turn connect up to nine additional Apple iOS devices on your network, for a total of ten devices in play.

Switcher Studio users may also wirelessly connect Apple computers running our Switcher Cast screensharing software in place of one of your camera sources.

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