Switcher Studio can show anything that happens on your computer, whether it’s PowerPoint, Keynote, documents, websites, YouTube videos, etc. This occurs via our screensharing program, Switcher Cast. Switcher Cast comes complimentary with the Switcher Studio software, there is no additional fee for Switcher Cast.

Please note that Switcher Cast For Windows is currently a beta program! Some users may have issues while using it. Please send those issues to [email protected] so we can log and resolve them for the final version!!

Requirements for running Switcher Cast on your PC

Installing Switcher Cast On Your PC

To install Switcher Cast, begin by logging into your Dashboard at switcherstudio.com.

Click on Downloads. You will then see the option to download four programs: the Switcher Studio app for iOS, Switcher Cast for Mac, Switcher Media Manager for Mac, and Switcher Cast for PC. Click on the Switcher Cast for PC option.

Navigate to where your file downloaded (typically, this defaults to your PC's "Downloads" folder). Right-click on the "SwitcherCastWindows" .zip folder, and select "Extract". This will allow you to extract the files for installation.

You should now see a separate folder for "SwitcherCastWindows" that is uncompressed. Open it.

The folder's only file is the Installer. Double-click on it to run the Installer.

Because this is a beta program, Windows will give you a warning with the option of "Don't Run". Do not click this option. Instead, click on "More Info".

You will now have the option to "Run Anyway". Select this option.

The installer will appear on the screen for a few seconds, and then will disappear. Go to the desktop of your PC. A new icon for "Switcher Cast" will be shown as your most recent icon. Double-click it to launch.

A small, white box will pop up on your screen. This means that Switcher Cast is now running.

Connecting Switcher Cast (and your PC) to Switcher Studio

It's time to connect your PC to your Switcher Studio interface. Launch Switcher Studio, and navigate to the Inputs tab.

From within the Inputs tab, all Cameras and assets will be shown. You will also have the option to connect your "Desktop". Tap on the first "Desktop" selection.

Your PC's display will now be added as a source! Tap on the source to send it to Live.

For best results in this beta, we recommend using Switcher Cast for slides, websites, and still images only. In the final version, webcam and video transmission will be a lot smoother in appearance.

Congratulations! You're all set!

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