Hex codes make it easy to select the exact color that you need for your text and background edits. You can select your business's standard colours with ease, or select a default shade of green, red, or purple as needed!

To get started, tap the blue "+" button at the bottom of the Sources window.

Select Text & Graphics from the Assets window.

You can create either a Title or a Lower Third. Tap the one that you would like to create.

Select the title or lower-third that you would like to use.

You will now see the customization options for your graphic. Options are available to change the colours for the title, subtitle, title background, and subtitle background. Tap on the colour swatch for whichever one you'd like to alter.

A bar at the top of the window shows the current hex code for the colour in use.

Tap on the hex code to open the CSS Color Code display box. Here, you can type in the hex code for a different colour and tap OK when you are done.

With your new colour selected, drag the blue line at the bottom of the window to lighten or darken your colour as needed.

Alternatively, you can also type the name of a colour into the hex code box to produce a standard colour.

You can also simply drag your finger along the colour wheel to select the colour of your desires.

When you are satisfied, tap on Properties in the top-left corner of the window.

You can then edit the rest of your graphic as desired, and then tap Done to save it for use in your videos.

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