Sometimes, it becomes necessary to use a new iOS device as your main switching device. If you already have several images, pre-recorded videos, and live-text edits on your former main switching device, it is often easier to transfer these to the new device, rather than reimporting them or recreating them all from scratch.

  1. Plug your original main switching device into any computer with iTunes installed.
  2. Click on your iOS device's icon to load it up in iTunes. Select "File Sharing".
  3. Select "Switcher".
  4. Scroll down and select all of the files that you need to transfer. Live-text graphics are .mmart files, images are either .jpg or .png, and videos are either .mov or .mp4. Drag them into a folder on your computer. We suggest making a new folder on your desktop specifically for Switcher Studio files.
  5. Now, plug the new iOS device into iTunes, and follow steps #2 and #3 again. When you get to step #4, drag the files from your desktop onto Switcher's iTunes.

Live-text edits (the .mmart files) will be available immediately on your new iOS device.

You will need to finish the import of each photo and video by tapping on Imported Images in the Assets menu within the new iOS device:

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