You don't have to go up to each camera to adjust your shot while live. You can adjust the zoom, focus, exposure, and white balance of each individual camera right from your main switching device!

First, you will need to select the camera that you need to adjust, so that it is in the Live Window (or in the Preview Window, if applicable).

Next, select the Camera Controls tab from the panel at the bottom-right of the screen. This should be the fourth tab from the left, and the icon is an image of two sliders.

Now, select "M" (for manual) for the control setting that needs to be adjusted. In this example, we will adjust the Focus of the camera. Notice how none of the objects in this camera view are focused.

When we pull the slider closer to the bottom, the chapstick is now in focus. This was adjusted straight from the main switching device without needed to actually approach the camera itself.

Likewise, dragging the Focus slider closer to the top places the boxes of tissues into focus, and the chapstick is completely out of focus.

This process can be repeated for the zoom, exposure, and white balance settings as needed.

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