If you receive an error message when trying to import videos into Switcher Studio, your video is not in the right file format to be read by our app.

Switcher Studio supports video in .mp4 and .mov (QuickTime) files. Video has to be encoded in H.264 (a.k.a. AVC) or HEVC (a.k.a. H.265). The audio has to be encoded in AAC, MP3 or LPCM.

Some QuickTime files have compressed metadata. This is a rare occurrence, but compressed metadata is not supported by the app.

If your video is in the wrong format, here are there ways to correct it:

Option 1: Use video editing software to render it into a usable format

Open your video editing program, import the video, and render it out into a usable format. A great free program that can do this is Handbrake. This video walks through the process using Handbrake.

Option 2: Use an online video converter

If you cannot use a video editor to convert the video, there are several online video converters that can achieve this for you. Zamzar and Online Video Converter are two great options.

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