Some of the most popular templates in Switcher Studio are Social Overlays. These assets have an icon for each of the most popular social platforms, as well as text for you to input your social media handle, page, etc. Currently, templates are available for the following platforms:

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. YouTube

  4. LinkedIn

  5. Instagram

To create your customized Social Overlay:

  1. Open Switcher Studio on your main switching device, and tap Use as Switcher.

  2. Tap the blue "+"  button at the bottom of the Sources / Production panel. 

  3. Tap Text & Graphics.

  4. Tap Social Overlays.

  5. Tap the template you want to customize. This will open a Properties window.

  6. Tap the text @username (below the preview window, not on the graphic itself). Delete the text and type your own social information.

  7. To adjust the size, pinch in or out on the graphic. You can also use the Scale Text and Scale All options.

  8. To adjust the on-screen position of the graphic, tap and hold the text, then slide it to your desired location.

  9. If you want the overlay to remain visible when using other assets, tap Stay on Top.

  10. Tap Done in the top right corner of the Properties window.

Your Social Overlay will appear in the Sources / Production panel. To display it during your production, simply tap it. The graphic will appear on top of whatever is already on screen. To remove the asset, tap it again in the Sources panel.

Note: Social Overlays are graphics. There is not a way to include clickable URLs in them.

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