If you do not want to open the preview window while doing multi-view effects, follow the steps below.

Start by tapping the plus icon like you would to add a graphic.

Now scroll down and tap on "Multi-views" under the Switcher Studio section.

From here select how many sources you will be using, as well as which multi-view. In this instance we will be using the dashboard view and 2 sources.

Now adjust any settings below, and when you are ready, tap done in the upper right. Your multi-view is now ready to be used.

To use the multi-view, first tap on it.

Now tap on the two sources you want to use in order and the multi-view will go live.

When you select a source with a multi-view live, you will get a few options:

  • Send to A
  • Send to B
  • Send Solo

Sending the source to A will replace the asset on the left. Choosing B will replace the asset on the right. Solo will disable the multi-view and push the new asset full screen

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