When dealing with multiple overlays, there may be one in particular (like your logo) that you need to remain on top. Anything occupying the same space on the screen will appear behind this special logo, ensuring that it is always visible.

You can learn how to use Stay On Top mode by watching the follow video, or follow the steps below!


To get started, tap on the black rectangle with the blue plus sign in it that is at the bottom of the Sources Window.

This will open your Assets window. Select "All Photos".

Scroll until you see the image that you wish to use as a corner bug or as an overlay.

Select "Use As Lower-Third" for a lower-third, or "Use As Corner Bug" for a logo or other form of overlay.

Position your graphic where it should go on the screen.

Tap the toggle bubble for "Stay On Top". This image will now always remain in the foreground while you are live and/or recording!

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