**Our integrated Sports Scoreboards feature is available for the Standard Plan ONLY. If you are on an Essential Plan or a Legacy Plan, the following method will work for you.**

For those streaming live sporting events, showing a scoreboard on screen is more than just a want: it's a necessity. To add a scoreboard, install a scoreboard app onto another iOS device (we recommend the "Virtual Scoreboard" app from the App Store).

Open Virtual Scoreboard app and keep score with it on your other device. Use iOS screensharing to share the scoreboard into Switcher Studio as an additional camera source. You can use our multi-view effects like Picture-In-Picture to tuck it into a corner, just like a television broadcast would have!

Here is a guide to setting up iOS screensharing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih-n1tEgSg4.

Here is a guide to using Multi-View Effects: https://switcherstudio-support.switcherstudio.com/article/58/using-multiview-effects.

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