A quick way to add production value to your Switcher Studio videos is by adding a countdown to the beginning of your stream. Not only does it look professional, but it also gives your viewers time to tune into the broadcast.

Beginning with Switcher Studio version 6.0, the app includes several countdown timers. Although the timers were originally designed for running promotions during a live shopping stream, they can be used in any type of production.

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Using the Built-in Timers

Currently there are several built-in timers that can be used in black or white:

  • 1-minute timer

  • 3-minute timer

  • 5-minute timer

  • 10-minute timer

Accessing Countdown Timers

To access the built-in countdown timers:

  • Tap the blue + button at the bottom of the Sources panel.

  • Tap Card.

  • Tap Live Selling Samples.

  • The countdown timers will appear at the bottom of the list.

  • Tap the timer option you want to use.

  • The Video Properties window will appear.

Adjusting the Size and Position of a Countdown Timer

To customize the size and/or position of the timer:

  • Tap the far-right option next to Framing to select the Custom Position option.

  • To resize the timer, pinch in or out on graphic in the preview.

  • To move the position of the timer, drag the image to the desired location.

  • Tap Done in the top right to save the change.

Changing the Amount of Time on a Countdown Timer

When you choose one of the built-in timer options, the duration is the maximum amount of time. All timers can be adjusted to be shorter in the Video Properties window. For example, if you choose the 5-minute timer, you can set the countdown to five minutes or less.

To shorten the time:

  • Tap Thumbnail Selection.

  • Use the slider to adjust the start time.

  • Tap Done in the top right to save the change.

Using a Built-In Countdown Timer during a Production

After you have customized a Countdown Timer, it will appear in the Sources panel. You can use a timer as an overlay on top of the following:

  • Full-screen camera angle

  • Live Selling Card

  • Pre-recorded video

  • Full-screen image

  • Multiview

To use the timer during your production:

  • Tap the countdown timer.

  • It will appear as an overlay and immediately start counting down.

  • To remove the timer, simply tap it again in the Sources panel.

Note: Countdown timers do not automatically disappear when they reach 0:00.

Creating your Own Video Countdown Timer

If you want more options than the built-in timers offer, you can create a video countdown timer and import it into Switcher Studio as a video asset. Although creating a video countdown requires advanced video experience, we have identified two downloadable templates for countdown timers:

  • Create your own timer with background video - This is a simple video file with a 25 second countdown and the words “Broadcast Will Begin In...”. You can bring this file into any video editor, such as iMovie, Final Cut, and Premiere, and add music and video files behind it. This will give you an intro much like the one featured in #StreamSquad above.

  • Generic countdown timer - If you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating your own, you can download this 25-second counter. This has a generic background with the 25 second countdown making it ready to go. You can add your own music if you desire.

Note: We are providing the templates as a resource that worked at the time this article was published. Our customer support team cannot troubleshoot any issues associated with creating your own coutndown timer.

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