A quick way to add production value to your Switcher Studio videos is by adding a countdown to the beginning of your stream. Not only does it look professional, but also gives your viewers time to tune into the broadcast.

So, what is a countdown? At it's core, a countdown is a simple video that counts down the time until you will be live. This countdown will tell your viewers something like “Broadcast Will Begin In 30...29...etc.”

Here is an example of the countdown video intro used for the Switcher Studio team's weekly Facebook Live broadcast, #StreamSquad.

Below are a few download links for countdown clocks:

  • Create your own timer with background video - This is a simple video file with a 25 second countdown and the words “Broadcast Will Begin In...”. You can bring this file into any video editor, such as iMovie, Final Cut, and Premiere, and add music and video files behind it. This will give you an intro much like the one featured in #StreamSquad above.

  • Generic countdown timer - If you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating your own, you can download this 25-second counter. This has a generic background with the 25 second countdown making it ready to go. You can add your own music if you desire.

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