Switcher Studio supports video output via HDMI and AirPlay. In the Outputs tab under External Display, you can toggle the external output between Live or Whole Screen.

  • The Live option will output the image from the Live pane in the upper left corner.

  • The Whole Screen option will output the entire app interface.

  • Synchronized Audio and Video are output when using HDMI or Airplay with Switcher Studio.

  • AirPlay output requires an Apple TV connected to the same network to receive the video feed.

  • HDMI output requires an Apple HDMI adapter.


Underscan adds an increasingly larger black border around your output. This is used to compensate for screens that use overscan.

Overscan is a behavior in certain televisions / monitors, in which part of the input picture is shown outside of the visible bounds of the screen.

By adjusting the slider, you can have this auto adjust, or set to a custom value that fits your output.

For best results, please note that Apple does not support video output using any of the items below in combination with the "Lightning to 30-pin Adapter":

  • For newer devices, use the Lightning to HDMI or Lightning to VGA adapters. VGA adapters will not transmit audio.

  • Audio input is managed automatically by iOS. The order that things are connected can play a role in where the sound comes/goes.

  • “Last one in” is the general rule of thumb for assigning an incoming audio source. If you would like to use an external source for audio, then you will want to connect HDMI-out first, and then follow up with your external audio source.

As well, please note that your output will match your streaming quality when using AirPlay or HDMI.

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