A large part of interacting with your live audience is responding to their comments. Switcher Studio lets you take this interaction to the next level with the Displaying Facebook Comments feature, which allows you to highlight comments from your audience on your livestream. Currently, this feature is available on the Standard and Plus subscription plans.

How to Display Comments on your Facebook livestream

Step 1: Go to the Comments Tab

  • Tap the Comments tab (speech bubble icon) in the tab bar.

Note: If you do not see the Comments icon, swipe across the the tab bar to keep scrolling right. Tap the three dots at the end of the tab bar to customize your view.

Step 2: Load Comments into Switcher

  • Tap Load Comments to view comments in real time in the Switcher Studio app.

Note: You can only use this feature while livestreaming.

Step 3: Display a comment in your livestream

  • Tap a comment to display it in your video.
  • Tap the comment again to remove it from the broadcast.

Optional: Favorite a Comment

If you do not want to display a comment immediately, but you do not want to lose track of it, you can mark it as a Favorite.

  • Tap the star next to a comment to mark it a Favorite.
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