For those streaming live sporting events, showing a scoreboard on screen is more than just a want: it's a necessity. Users can create a Scoreboard within the app and customize it for their needs.

Creating your Scoreboard with an iPad

To get started tab on the Scoreboard icon on your Tab Bar. The Tab Bar is located at the bottom-right of the main switching device's display, and the Scoreboard icon is a little picture of a standard scoreboard.

Once this is opened, tap on the Display toggle to enable it.

With this enabled, your Scoreboard can be used immediately in its basic form. There are options for a Home team and a Visitors team. Tap the "+" button to add points to a team, and tap the "-" button to subtract points from a team.

You can also change the Scoreboard template to customize the look. To do this, tap the blue arrow next to Template.

By default, the Classic mode is enabled. Tap on Horizontal to change the display for a standard scoreboard, or Baseball to display a baseball scoreboard.

Most users prefer to customize their Scoreboards to match their teams' aesthetic, and even their company's aesthetic.

Here, you can alter the names of the teams, the background color of the scores, the period/inning of the game, and more. Drag your finger on the screen to scroll up and down, as there are many options available. Once you are satisfied with the appearance, tap Done in the top-right corner of the Scoreboard window.

Creating your Scoreboard with an iPhone

Creating a Scoreboard with an iPhone as your main switching device is very similar to the iPad version. To start, turn your iPhone vertically so that all of the menu items become available. Then, tap on the Scoreboard icon on your Tab Bar.

After this, the process is the same as with the iPad variant. Tap on the options to customize your Scoreboard as needed, and tap Done in the top-right corner of the window when you are satisfied.

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