After you complete a live video, the Completion Panel appears.

The Completion Panel shows you how much of your video has been archived on your platform (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc.). The percentage will automatically update as more of the video gets archived.

If you tap "Cancel", a warning will appear:

Canceling the archive process means that your full video will not be saved onto the streaming platform. This means the archived video will cut off when a viewer tries to watch it. If you truly want to cancel, tap Yes, Cancel.

Note: There is no way to undo the cancellation so be sure you really want to cancel. If you accidentally cancel, the full recording will be available in the My Recordings section of Switcher Studio.

Once the archiving process is complete, you will receive a notification that your production ended successfully and the full video will be available for viewing on the streaming platform.

You now have some easy choices of what to do with your video. Tap New Video to easily create a new video.

Tap Share to access the link to your stream to paste into social media outlets.

Tap More... to see more options.

The More... options allow you to easily store and/or transfer your video to other places.

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