There are two ways to view your cameras and assets from within Switcher Studio: the  Sources Window and the Preview Window. You can customize your layout between these two views to create the layout that works best for you!

By default, the Sources Window is enlarged, and the Preview Window is not visible. To send an asset Live, simply tap on it. It will travel to the Live window, where it will be visible to both your audience and to your recording.

Your cameras will always remain at the top of the Sources Window. If you add another camera, it will automatically be placed next to the previous camera(s).

These camera sources also include numbers (in the order they were added). These correspond to Bluetooth shortcuts for those  controlling camera switches via a Bluetooth keyboard.

You can always arrange your other assets to make them easier to select in the desired order while Live. To do this, hold your finger down on any asset for around 1-2 seconds.

A menu will pop open from here. Tap on "Reorder" to rearrange the source.

Drag the source to wherever you would like it to appear in the Sources Window, just as you would while rearranging your Apps on the iOS Home Screen. Once you are done, tap on the source again, and it will deselect the "Reorder" option.

At the bottom of the sources Window are two icons that are side-by-side. Tapping the icon on the left side of the pairing will shrink the size of your sources available.

This is preferable to many users that have many sources, as they can see more of them easier without needing to scroll to select the source.

Tapping on the right-most icon will enlarge the sources once more.

Let's say that you want to have the Preview Window available, in order to customize your sources in terms of Zoom, Depth-Of-Field, and more  before sending the source Live.

Tap on the icon at the bottom-left corner of your app's screen. This will open up the Preview Window.

The two icons paired in the middle still function as well. You can use these to shrink down the size of your sources in the Sources Window even while the Preview Window is still open.

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