It is normal to wonder what equipment a standard production team uses with Switcher Studio. While just a basic Apple device is all that is needed to start out, you can quickly amass your own gear to enhance your production. Here is a list of some recommended devices to include in your kit.

  • Up to 9 (total) iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches. We recommend having at least one iPad, as it is easier to use as a main Switcher.
  • Portable batteries. iPads/iPhones will last about 3 hours on a full charge, and iPod Touches last about 1 hour on a full charge. You can purchase portable batteries for about $15-$20 on
  • Filmmaking case. These add additional protection to each iPad/iPhone/iPod. They also have an attachment so you can attach the case to any standard tripod for extra stability. Even without the tripod, holding a device steady while it is in a filmmaking case is far easier than holding it steady alone. You can find these both on and
  • Microphone. While some users will just use the standard audio input from their main iPad, others will attach an external mic for better audio quality.
  • Mixer. If you require multiple audio sources (i.e. You put an iPad/iPhone in a different room and want to switch to it live), you will need to purchase a mixer to funnel all audio into the main Switcher iPad. Any basic mixer will do for this.
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