In Switcher Studio, Photo assets are full-screen images. They are some of the most commonly used assets, and there are several ways to import Photos, including:

If your file is in Google Drive or Dropbox, you will want to follow the instructions specifically for those platforms, which are linked above. If you are importing your image using one of the other methods, we've outlined the steps below. They vary slightly, but the overall process is generally the same.

Importing Photo Assets into Switcher

Accessing the image file

  1. Open Switcher Studio on your main switching device, and tap Use as Switcher.

  2. Tap the blue + button, located at the bottom of the Sources / Production panel. 

  3. Tap Photo.

  4. Tap the source where your file is stored (Photo Library, Switcher Cloud, etc.)

  5. Tap the file you'd like to import.

Understanding and adjusting Photo Properties

Once you've selected the image file you want to import, you will see a Properties modal window that allows you to adjust the following settings:

  • Frame: Zooms in to fill the screen and removes the frame if the image is smaller than the screen.

  • Edge Spreading: Fills the screen by spreading the outer edges of the image.

  • Outer Color: Allows you to set the background color (if your image doesn't take up the entire screen).

When you are satisfied with the settings, tap Done in the top-right corner of the Video Properties window. Your video will appear in your Sources / Production panel. 

Using Photo Assets during your Production

  1. To display a Photo asset during your video, tap the asset thumbnail in the Sources / Production panel. 

  2. Any overlay assets such as Lower Thirds, Social Overlays, Logos, etc. will remain atop the Photo. 

  3. To remove the Photo asset, tap a camera view or another full-screen asset to move on with the production.

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