With Switcher Studio, streaming to YouTube is easier than ever thanks to our direct integration with the platform. Before you begin, please make sure that your YouTube account has live streaming enabled.

*For more information see:  How to Enable YouTube Live Tutorial.

Syncing your YouTube Account

Once your YouTube channel has been enabled for live streaming, launch Switcher Studio on your iPhone or iPad, and login with your Switcher Studio credentials. Tap the arrow beside "YouTube" in the Outputs tab on your main switching device.

Tap on the button for Link YouTube Account.

Enter in the email address used for your YouTube channel. This may be different than the email address used for your Switcher Studio account!

Enter in the password used for your YouTube Channel's sign-in. Tap Next once this is done.

Select the Login for your YouTube Channel of choice. Ensure that this is for a YouTube Channel and not an email address only.

Allow permissions for Switcher Studio to post to your YouTube account.

Creating a YouTube Event

Once you have linked to YouTube for the first time, you will always begin with this step. In this window, type in the title and description for your upcoming event, and select your desired stream quality.

If you are subscribed to the Standard Plan or the Plus Plan, you will also have an orange calendar icon, which will allow you to pre-schedule your stream. This icon will not appear for users on the Essentials Plan.

Once you are done, tap Save YouTube Stream.

You will now see the title of your stream listed beside "YouTube" in the Outputs tab. If there is not a blue checkmark beside "YouTube", tap once on the word "YouTube" to place it there.

Now, when you are ready to go live, tap on the big red button in the top-right corner of your stream to go live!

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