Compatible iPhones and iPads

Switcher Studio is an iOS app, so it cannot be used on non-iOS devices. You can use Switcher Studio on any of the following iOS devices, running the most recent operating system (iOS 14 or higher):


  • iPhone 8 and newer (recommended)

  • iPhone 7 (not recommended)

  • iPhone 6s (not recommended)

Although the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 are compatible with Switcher Studio, we do not recommend them. These older devices may have WiFi connectivity issues, may not receive iOS updates, and have a shorter battery life. If you plan on using multiple camera angles and want high-quality cameras, we recommend using an iPhone 8 or newer generation.


We recommend using an iPad as your main switcher device to control your video production. Switcher Studio supports the following:

  • iPad: 5th generation and newer

  • iPad Air: 2nd generation and newer

  • iPad Mini: 4th generation and newer

  • iPad Pro: 9.7”, 10.2", 10.5”, 11”, 12.9”

iPod Touch & Older Devices

The 7th generation iPod Touch is technically compatible with Switcher Studio. However, the camera is much lower quality than supported iPhones and newer iPads, so we often see customers decide against using it.

Although some older iOS devices may work with Switcher Studio, the video quality and WiFi communication may not perform as expected and some features may be inaccessible. We do not provide support for devices not included in the list of Compatible Devices above.

Storage Requirements

Video recording and streaming time is limited by your device's battery life and available storage. If you run out of storage space while streaming, it will cause Switcher to crash, which will stop your stream and corrupt the recording. It's important to always check the storage on the devices, prior to the video production.

Generally, 1 hour of video translates to about 1GB on your device for 720p recording and 2.5GB for 1080p recording.

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