How to Add a Remote Guest to a Livestream

If you would like to have a remote guest in your livestream, you can create a remote guest room and have them join virtually. After the remote guests have been added to the room, they will be able to join your livestream remotely.

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How to Create a Remote Guest Room

When using Remote Guest you have the option to host from your main Switcher or by joining the video chat from a separate device. For most users, "Host From This Device" is the setting of choice.

To create a remote guest room:

  • Open Switcher Studio on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone).
  • Tap the Plus (+) icon. (iPhone only)
  • Tap New Livestream.
  • Tap Horizontal or Vertical.
  • Tap Enter Studio.
  • Tap the Remote Guest tab (icon with two people).
  • Tap Host From This Device.
  • Tap Join Room.

Note: These steps can be done before or after beginning your livestream

How to Invite Remote Guests to Join the Room

Once you've joined the Remote Guest room, you'll need to invite your guests. They will join using a unique link to your room. The remote guest room does not automatically place them in the livestream, but instead facilitates the connection between Switcher and the remote guest.

  • From the Remote Guest tab, tap Invite Video Chat Guest.
    • This will initiate your iOS Share options.
  • Tap to select the communication method of choice.
    • You can send the link via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Facebook, and more.
  • Guests can click the link on any compatible device with a microphone and camera to join the room.

Note: You can send your guests the link to your room at any time prior to the broadcast. The link will not change unless you log into your online Switcher Studio Dashboard and manually generate a new link.

How to Add a Remote Guest to a Livestream

Once your guests have joined the room, they will show up in the Sources panel. When your livestream has started, your remote guests can be displayed as an asset.

To add remote guests to the livestream:

  • Go to the Remote Guest tab.
  • Tap the remote guest's name.
  • The remote guest will now appear as an asset in the Sources panel.
  • You can tap the asset to display them in the livestream or create a Multiview and include them along with other sources.

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